CoEC: Newsletter #1 released

Read the first issue of the CoEC newsletter with updates about research, news about project partners and all things in between.

CoEC: Fuel atomization and evaporation in practical applications

The use case includes the study of primary and secondary breakup, and the influence of heat conduction and droplet heating on the evaporation rates prior combustion takes place. The final objective will be the study of reacting sprays at relevant engine conditions.

CoEC: Plasma assisted combustion

The application of plasma in combustion simulations provides an unprecedented opportunity for combustion and emission control. This use case is focused on the study of plasma-assisted combustion by Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed (NRP) discharges in order to control the formation of combustion instabilities and pollutant formation.

ETP4HPC handbook 2020 released

The 2020 edition of the ETP4HPC Handbook of HPC projects is available, including – besides many other intiatives – introductions to all the 14 CoEs and FocusCoE.

New Centre of Excellence: CoEC targets breakthroughs in combustion through Exascale computing

The European Union is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To reach this goal, there is a need for coordinated research and innovation efforts to make low and zero-carbon solutions economically viable. The recently launched Center of Excellence in Combustion (CoEC) addresses this challenge using advanced modelling and simulation technologies to study the combustion of sustainable fuels and new combustion technologies in order to transform Europe´s power and transportation sectors.