Use Cases

Each of the CoE Use Cases below is a summary of a concrete case where the codes and machines of the CoEs are used to get state-of-the-art solutions of typical domain-specific problems. 

All of the Use Cases show the power of the HPC resources in a real-world context and may inspire users for their specific application cases.

BioExcel: Electronic Interaction Phenomena: Proton Dynamics and Fluorescent Proteins

Proton Dynamics Mass spectrometry has revolutionized proteomics, i.e. the investigation of the myriad of protein/protein interactions in the cell. By using a very small sample content of proteins (usually in the micromolar concentration), a powerful implementation of the technique, so-called ionization/ion mobility mass spectrometry (ESI/IM-MS), can measure stoichiometry, shape and subunit architecture of protein and protein complexes in the gas phase.

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CoEC: Plasma assisted combustion

The application of plasma in combustion simulations provides an unprecedented opportunity for combustion and emission control. This use case is focused on the study of plasma-assisted combustion by Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed (NRP) discharges in order to control the formation of combustion instabilities and pollutant formation.

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