Use Cases

Each of the CoE Use Cases below is a summary of a concrete case where the codes and machines of the CoEs are used to get state-of-the-art solutions of typical domain-specific problems. 

All of the Use Cases show the power of the HPC resources in a real-world context and may inspire users for their specific application cases.

EoCoE: Performance Portability on HPC Accelerator Architectures with Modern Techniques: The ParFlow Blueprint

Objectives are to achieve performance portability developing and applying the ParFlow eDSL including support for coupled simulations where ParFlow is used in combination with other independently developed terrestrial models such as land-surface and atmospheric models. Multi-vendor support (i.e. performance portability) is preferred to guarantee compatibility with different supercomputer architectures.

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CoEC: Plasma assisted combustion

The application of plasma in combustion simulations provides an unprecedented opportunity for combustion and emission control. This use case is focused on the study of plasma-assisted combustion by Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed (NRP) discharges in order to control the formation of combustion instabilities and pollutant formation.

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