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Now in its second funding phase, the European Centre of Excellence for  Engineering Applications EXCELLERAT brings together the necessary European expertise to establish a Centre of Excellence in Engineering with a broad service portfolio, paving the way for the evolution towards EXASCALE. All within the frame of the European HPC Strategy realization just pushed forward with the activities on the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking. To fulfil its mission, EXCELLERAT will base on six carefully chosen reference applications (Nek5000, Alya, AVBP, Fluidity, FEniCS, Flucs), which were analysed on their potential to support the aim to achieve EXASCALE performance in HPC for Engineering. Thus, they are promising candidates to be executed on the Exascale Demonstrators, Pre-Exascale Systems and Exascale Machines.

FocusCoE at EuroHPC Summit Week 2022

With the support of the FocusCoE project, almost all European HPC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) participated once again in the EuroHPC Summit Week (EHPCSW) this year in Paris, France: the first EHPCSW in person since 2019’s event in Poland.

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To achieve this goal, ESiWACE2 will focus on three main goals that are essential to prepare existing operational weather and climate prediction systems for the exascale era:

  1. The transfer and establishment of knowledge and technology for efficient and scalable simulations of weather and climate across the Earth System modelling community in Europe;
  2. Closing common technology gaps in the knowledge and toolbox for high-resolution Earth System modelling via joint developments across the European community;
  3. Serving as a sustainable community hub for training, communication, and dissemination of high-performance computing for weather and climate modelling in Europe.

ESiWACE3 will bring the various approaches to address these challenges from the different modelling groups together to transfer knowledge across the weather and climate domain, generate synergies between the local efforts, provide targeted support to modelling groups via customised high-performance computing services, and provide training to educate the next generation of researchers.

Within this context, the project pursues to:

– Increase efficiency of weather and climate simulations on state-of-the-art supercomputers;

– Design tools to close technology gaps for high-performance computing;

– Develop tools to tackle the data challenge of high-resolution weather and climate modelling;

– Support the broader community of weather and climate modelling in the use of state-of-the-art supercomputers via targeted services;

– Support the wider community of weather and climate modelling in the use of state-of-the-art supercomputers via training and capacity building;

– Build a well-connected and inclusive community for high-resolution Earth System modelling across Earth system science and HPC, and establish connections and knowledge transfer between existing European initiatives.

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