Jonathan Boyle, HPC Application Analyst for POP, chats to host Fouzhan Hosseini about why code matters, its value to the customer and how POP works with customers to increase that value >> Read more

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New CoE RAISE focusses on research in AI- and Simulation-Based Engineering

RAISE, the new HPC European Centre of Excellence, is developing entirely new workflows to efficiently analyse and process big data on future exascale HPC systems >> Read More

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ESiWACE: DYAMOND intercomparison project for storm-resolving global weather and climate models

By supporting the DYAMOND intercomparison of storm-resolving global weather and climate models, ESiWACE facilitates the development of these next-generation models, and advances climate science. The intercomparison allows to identify common features and model-specific behaviour, and thus yields new scientific discoveries and increases the robustness of our knowledge and the models.

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