Software Co-Design Actions in European Flagship HPC Codes

Presenter in front of the wall with the presentation slide "Co-Design with Proxy Apps: A match made in heaven?"

Earlier this summer, FocusCoE gathered with the European HPC Centres of Excellence at ISC High Performance (ISC) 2022 for our first Workshop on Software Co-Design Actions in European Flagship HPC Codes. Organised jointly by FocusCoE, SiPearl, Arm Ltd and NVIDIA, this workshop focused specifically on software co-design actions applied to production-grade community-wide European flagship HPC applications. Scientists representing MaX, EoCoE, POP, BioExcel, TREX, and RAISE Centres of Excellence shared their experiences and lessons learnt in software co-design, which can now also be viewed in the presentations below.

Co-design with Proxy-Apps: A match made in heaven?

Jens Domke (RIKEN R-CCS) [Invited Speaker]

Performance Assessment and Energy Efficiency of MaX Codes

Daniele Cesarini (CINECA, MaX)

Alya – computational fluid dynamics on exascale GPU hardware for the wind community

Herbert Owen (BSC, EoCoE)

Resources for co-design in the POP CoE

Xavier Teruel (BSC, POP)

HPC Co-Design in GROMACS

Szilárd Páll (KTH, BioExcel)

Co-Designing a high performance and portable library (QMCKL): one of the major challenges addressed by TREX CoE

William Jalby (UVSQ, TREX)

Performance analysis and code optimizations for distributed training of autoencoders

Rakesh Sarma (JSC, RAISE)