Centre of Excellence in Exascale CFD

Finding Solutions to Grand Challenges at the Frontier of CFD

The Center of Excellence in Exascale CFD (CEEC) is pushing forward the state of the art in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Building on the work of other Centres of Excellence, CEEC launched in January of 2023 and will run through December of 2026. The CEEC consortium hales from five European countries and broadly represents expertise across mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Over the course of the project, CEEC is scaling 5 CFD codes up to performance capable of efficiently using an entire exascale machine to run a simulation. These codes are:

·        Alya

·        FLEXI

·        Nek5000 and NekRS

·        Neko

·        waLBerla

This work will culminate in running six lighthouse cases with high impact for a variety of industrial sectors including aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, wind energy, urban design, meteorology, and maritime.

In addition to this work, CEEC will also host training events like Webinars open to stakeholders from ISVs, industrial user communities, and academic software developers, in order to transfer CEEC knowledge to users who can apply it to their own CFD work. CEEC will also find synergies with other centres of excellence or national competence centres to co-organise activities around shared interests and best practices.


Runtime: 01/2019- 12/2022

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