Plasma-PEPSC aims at reaching scientific breakthroughs in plasma science Grand Challenges through exascale computing and extreme-scale data analytics, by enabling unprecedented simulations on current pre-exascale and future exascale platforms to control plasma-material interfaces, optimize magnetically confined fusion plasmas, design next-generation plasma accelerators and predict space plasma dynamics in the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Plasma-PEPSC aims at achieving these goals by maximizing the parallel performance and efficiency of four European flagship plasma codes with a large user base: BIT, GENE, PIConGPU, and Vlasiator, by building on algorithmic advances as well as on programming model and library developments (MPI, accelerator and data movement APIs and runtimes, in-situ data analysis). Plasma-PEPSC ensures an integrated HPC software engineering approach for deploying, verifying, and validating extreme-scale kinetic plasma simulations that can serve as a community standard.

FocusCoE at EuroHPC Summit Week 2022

With the support of the FocusCoE project, almost all European HPC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) participated once again in the EuroHPC Summit Week (EHPCSW) this year in Paris, France: the first EHPCSW in person since 2019’s event in Poland.

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