Video of the Week: POPCast #4: Why Does Code Matter?

In this POPCast, Jonathan Boyle, an HPC Application Analyst for POP, chats to regular host Fouzhan Hosseini about why code matters, its value to the customer and how POP works with customers to increase that value.

ETP4HPC handbook 2020 released

The 2020 edition of the ETP4HPC Handbook of HPC projects is available, including – besides many other intiatives – introductions to all the 14 CoEs and FocusCoE.

Visit POP CoE at the digital NAFEMS 2020 conference

Visit POP CoE’s virtual booth at the NAFEMS 2020 conference and hear Fouzhan Hosseini’s talk on “Parallel Engineering Codes: Performance Optimisation with the POP Methodology” on tuesday afternoon.