We are getting ready for EGU22, the next General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) , which is planned as an on-site event in Vienna, Austria.

Sessions co-convened by ESiWACE2 partners:

AS1.4: High-resolution weather and climate simulation (virtual PICO)
Convener: Samuel Hatfield | Co-conveners: Peter Düben, Claudia Frauen, Daniel Klocke, Vera Schemann

ITS2.6/AS5.1: Machine learning for earth system modelling
Convener: Julien Brajard Co-conveners: Peter Düben, Redouane Lguensat, Francine Schevenhoven, Maike Sonnewald

ChEESE members participate in the virtual AGU Fall Meeting 2020 on 1-17 December 2020.

ChEESE coordinator and BSC researcher Arnau Folch presents a an elightning talk titled “Preparing Earth Sciences to Upcoming Infrastructures. The Center of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth (ChEESE)” on 7 December 2020 at 07:00 – 08:00.

ChEESE partner Alexey Cheptsov, from HLRS, presents the paper “A Microservices Approach for Parallel Applications Design: A Case Study for CFD Simulation in Geoscience Domain” at the Twelfth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services (GEOProcessing 2020) in Valencia, Spain on November 21-25, 2020 (previously June 21-25).

ChEESE also organizes a tutorial at the same conference on the development of parallel geoscientific applications on high performance computing architectures.