A wide range of networking activities has been going on in EoCoE-II, in order to enable the consortium to reach out to key stakeholders and facilitate EoCoE-II’s impacts and large-scale uptake. The need for a specific expertise in exploitation of the project’s results was recognized in EoCoE-I. It was therefore agreed in the consortium that a professional external support was needed to maximize the impact of this activity, implement a methodology select and promote a selection of Key Exploitable Results. To this end, the Italian company META Group, which specializes in maximizing the exploitation of results stemming from research projects, was hired.

This workshop will allow META to present their approach and how they have been working to improve EoCoE’s exploitation of results. The EoCoE researchers whose results have been selected will feature as speakers, to describe how they benefited from this process, and what lessons can be applied to all CoE-related dissemination and exploitation strategy.

More ifnormation: https://indico.math.cnrs.fr/event/6469/