About this Event

● From researchers to venture scientists, a look at the Conception X model.

● What your research can do (Pasteur’s quadrant).

● Productising research, understanding technology relevance and readiness.

● From Technology Readiness levels to Innovation Readiness Levels. A useful framework to think about pathways to commercial readiness.

● The role of tech transfer and knowledge transfer.

● IP – what it is and whether it’s relevant to your venture.

● Value creation and capture.

● The difference between technological push and customer pull.

● Business models: search vs execution

● Putting the customer first

● Commercialisation by collaboration with industry


Dr Riam Kanso – CEO – Conception X

Conception X is a deep-tech venture programme that helps researchers commercialise their work and start companies

Dr Richard Anson – Academic Lead – Conception X

Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London School of Management

Strategy Director at True Private Equity Fund

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