Video Of The Week: Tutorial on the NOMAD Repository & Archive

23. March 2021
An introduction to the NOMAD Repository & Archive by developer Markus Scheidgen

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Video Of The Week: PerMedCoE: HPC Centre of Excellence on Personalised Medicine

11. March 2021
Overview of the goals and objectives of PerMedCoE, the European HPC/Exascale Centre of Excellence on Personalised Medicine

Video Of The Week: EXCELLERAT Use Case Simulations

4. March 2021
Watch some selected simulations of EXCELLERAT’s use cases

Video of the Week: ChEESE Women in Science

11. February 2021
ChEESE celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021 by interviewing several of its women researchers. This video acknowledges their contributions and recognises their importance to earth sciences and to science in general.

Video of the Week: POPCast #4: Why Does Code Matter?

10. February 2021
pop png
In this POPCast, Jonathan Boyle, an HPC Application Analyst for POP, chats to regular host Fouzhan Hosseini about why code matters, its value to the customer and how POP works with customers to increase that value.