New EXCELLERAT Service Portal

19. October 2020

EXCELLERAT has launched a redesigned service portal. By presenting a wide variety of resources in an easily-accessible format, the portal will play an essential role in EXCELLERAT’s mission to create a Centre of Excellence in Engineering.

The portal follows a user-centric approach and offers separate dashboards tailored towards engineers, software developers, and the general engineering community. Each dashboard quickly directs users to relevant content, and delivers tailored information accordingly. Each page provides a quick route to any related content and offers an easy way to request services from EXCELLERAT.

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EXCELLERAT newsletter #3 released

15. October 2020

EXCELLERAT CoE released its third newsletter issue. Content includes:

Success Story: Enabling  parallel mesh adaptation with Treeadapt

Blog article: how can engineers effectively leverage HPC technology?

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Blog article: How can engineers effectively leverage HPC technology?

October 13, 2020

In this blog article, EXCELLERAT experts present several use cases to demonstrate how HPC can be used effectively within the engineering sphere.

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