SIMAI 2021

11. October 2021

The 2020 edition of the bi-annual congress of the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI) has been held in Parma, hosted by the University of Parma, from August 30 to September 3, 2021, in a hybrid format (physical and online). The conference aimed to bring together researchers and professionals from academia and industry that are active in the study of mathematical and numerical models and their application to industry and general real-life problems, stimulate interdisciplinary research in applied mathematics, and foster interactions between the scientific community and industry. Six plenary lectures have been covering a wide range of topics. In this edition, a posters session was also organized to broaden the opportunity to disseminate the results of interesting research. A large part of the conference was dedicated to minisymposia, autonomously organized around specific topics by their respective promoters. Furthermore, an Industrial Session gathering together both academic and industrial researchers was organized, particularly with more than 70 industry representatives focusing on mathematical problems encountered in R&D areas.

Within the SIMAI conference, the minisymposium on HPC, European High-Performance Scientific Computing: Opportunities and Challenges for Applied Mathematics” was organized by ENEA within the framework of project FocusCoE, and a contribution to the aforementioned Industrial Session was given through a talk on results on Hydropower production modelling obtained by project EoCoE. In the minisymposium agenda of 3th of September (9:30-12:00), five presentations (20 min + 5 min Q) have been made from CoEs representatives: Ignatio Pagonabarraga (CoE: E-CAM), Alfredo Buttari (CoE: EoCoE), Francesco Buonocore (CoE: EoCoE), Pasqua D’Ambra (CoEs: EoCoE. EUROHPC project:TEXTAROSSA), Tomaso Esposti Ongaro (CoE: ChEESE). The number of sustained participants has been ca. 25.

The FocusCoE contribution within the industrial session of September 1 (17:50-18:15) has been made through a talk of prof. Bruno Majone (CoEs: EoCoE) presented by Andrea Galletti (CoEs: EoCoE) titled “Detailed hydropower production modelling over large-scale domains: the HYPERstreamHS framework”.