PRECISE-UNS is a finite volume based unstructured CFD solver for turbulent multi-phase and reacting flows. It is a pressure-based code, which uses the pressure correction scheme / PISO scheme to achieve pressure velocity coupling. It is applicable to both low-Mach number and fully compressible flows. Discretisation in time and space is up to second order. The linearized equations are solved using various well-known libraries such as PETSc, HYPRE and AGMG. Several turbulence models are available: k-epsilon, k-ω-SST, RSM, SAS, LES. Different combustion models are available, ranging from the classical conserved scalar (flamelet) models and global reaction mechanism, to FGM and detailed chemistry. To model the interaction of chemistry and turbulence, EBU, Presumed PDF, ATF and Eulerian stochastic field PDF closures are available. To model emissions NOx and two equations and hmom soot models are available. In order to model liquid fuel, a Lagrangian spray model is available.