HemoCell, developed by the team of Prof Alfons Hoekstra at the University of Amsterdam (NL), is a high-performance library to simulate the transport properties of dense cellular suspensions, such as blood. It contains validated material model for red blood cells and additional support for further cell types (white blood cells, platelets). The blood plasma is represented as a continuous fluid simulated with an open-source Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) solver. The cells are represented as Discrete Element Method (DEM) membranes coupled to the plasma flow through a tested in-house immersedboundary implementation. HemoCell is computationally capable of handling a large domain size with a high number of cells (> 10^4-10^6 cells). The code is currently installed and optimised for Cartesius, Lisa, and SuperMUC (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre system), and can be used by anyone with a valid account and CPU allocation on any of these systems.

CoE: ComBioMed