Watch The Presentations Of The First CoE Joint Technical Workshop

22. February 2021

Watch the recordings of the presentations from the first technical CoE workshop. The virtual event was organized by the three HPC Centres of Excellence ChEESE, EXCELLRAT and HiDALGO. The agenda for the workshop was structured in these four session:

Session 1: Load balancing
Session 2: In situ and remote visualisation
Session 3: Co-Design
Session 4: GPU Porting

You can also download a PDF version for each of the recorded presentations. The workshop took place on January 27 – 29, 2021. 

Session 1: Load balancing

Title: Introduction by chairperson
Speaker: Ricard Borell (BSC)

Title: Intra and inter-node load balancing in Alya Speaker: Marta Garcia and Ricard Borell (BSC)

Title: Load balancing strategies used in AVBP
Speaker: Gabriel Staffelbach (CERFACS)

Title: Addressing load balancing challenges due to fluctuating performance and non-uniform workload in SeisSol and ExaHyPE
Speaker: Michael Bader (TUM)

Title: On Discrete Load Balancing with Diffusion Type Algorithms
Speaker: Robert Elsäßer (PLUS)

Session 2: In situ and remote visualisation

Title: Introduction by chairperson
Speaker: Lorenzo Zanon & Anna Mack (HLRS)


Title: An introduction to the use of in-situ analysis in HPC
Speaker: Miguel Zavala (KTH)

Title: In situ visualisation service in Prace6IP
Speaker: Simone Bnà (CINECA)

Title: Web-based Visualisation of air pollution simulation with COVISE
Speaker: Anna Mack (HLRS)

Title: Virtual Twins, Smart Cities and Smart Citizens
Speaker: Leyla Kern, Uwe Wössner, Fabian Dembski (HLRS)

Title: In-situ simulation visualisation with Vistle Speaker: Dennis Grieger (HLRS)

Session 3: Co-Design

Title: Introduction by chairperson, and Excellerat’s Co-Design Methodology
Speaker: Gavin Pringle (EPCC)

Title: Accelerating codes on reconfigurable architectures
Speaker: Nick Brown (EPCC)

Title: Benchmarking of Current Architectures for Improvements
Speaker: Nikela Papadopoulou (ICCS)

Title: Example Co-design Approach with the Seissol and Specfem3D Practical cases
Speaker: Georges-Emmanuel Moulard (ATOS)

Title: Exploitation of Exascale Systems for Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamics by Mainstream Industry
Speaker: Ivan Spisso (CINECA)

Session 4: GPU Porting

Title: Introduction
Speaker: Giorgio Amati (CINECA)

Title: GPU Porting and strategies by Excellerat Speaker: Ivan Spisso (CINECA)

Title: GPU Porting and strategies by ChEESE
Speaker: Piero Lanucara (CINECA)

Title: GPU porting by third party library
Speaker: Simone Bnà (CINECA)

Title: The HySEA GPGPU development and its role in ChEESE project Speaker: Marc de la Asunción (UMA)