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The Earth’s magnetic field is sustained by a fluid dynamo operating in the Earth’s fluid outer core. Its geometry and strength define the equivalent of the climatological mean over which the interaction of the Earth with its magnetic environment takes place. It is consequently important to make physics-based predictions of the evolution of the dynamo field over the next few decades. In addition, the geomagnetic field has the remarkable ability to reverse its polarity every now and then (the last reversal occurred some 780.000 years ago). Observations of the properties of the field during polarity transition are sparse, and ultra-high resolution simulations should help better define these properties.


To simulate and analyse the consequences of geomagnetic reversals with an unprecedented level of accuracy. These events are extremely rare in the history of our planet, hence the need to resort to numerical simulations to better understand the properties of reversals and their possible consequences for society.



XSHELLS produces simulated reversals which are subsequently analysed and assessed using the parallel python processing chain. Through ChEESE we are working to orchestrate this workflow using the WMS_light software developed within the ChEESE consortium.

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Post-processing: Python 3

External library: SHTns

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Alexandre Fournier
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP)

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