Centres of Excellence

The work of the European HPC Centers of Excellence in areas like environmental science, renewable energy, bioscience, medicine or Big Data and Global System science is influencing many aspects of our everyday life.

Where do we need Supercomputing?


Simulations on supercomputers help to improve aerodynamics of cars and airplanes or develop next generation materials


HPC supports research in areas like biomedicine and life science

Environment & Society

Using supercomputing capabilities to protect​ societies against natural hazards or to build more accurate climate models

HPC Centres of Excellence


The CoE is operating towards advancement and support of the HPC software ecosystem in the life science domain.


Working together to prepare flagship codes for pre-Exascale and Exascale HPC systems to tackle global challenges in the domain of solid earth.


Nurture and promote the uptake and exploitation of high-performance computing within the biomedical
modelling community.


Create, develop and sustain a European infrastructure for
computational science applied to simulation and modelling of materials and of biological processes of industrial and societal interest.


Foster and accelerate the  transition to a reliable and low carbon energy supply .


Link, organise and enhance Europe’s excellence in weather and climate modelling.


A single point of access for expertise on how
high-performance computing (HPC) can benefit engineering.


Assess Global Challenges problem statements by enabling highly accurate simulations, data analytics, artificial intelligence and data visualisation.


Supports EU leadership in materials modelling, simulations, discovery and design by creating an ecosystem of capabilities, software applications and data workflows and analysis on HPC-oriented material simulations.


Assesses the performance of computing applications, identifying issues affecting code performance as well as the best ways to address them.